Valley’s hookers are different

“Heather” is a 38-year-old undercover LAPD officer and mother of two whose blond hair helps her catch johns looking for prostitutes on Sepulveda Boulevard. That strip in Van Nuys has been a street-walker zone seemingly forever, despite occasional crackdowns and a city ordinance that allows seizure of the vehicles driven by men who solicit sex. She has worked Hollywood and the Valley, and tells the┬áDaily News’ Susan Abram┬áthat the Sepulveda Boulevard trade is distinct from that over the hill.

In the Valley, the prostitution scene is dominated by drug-addicted women – who Heather bluntly calls “crack whores” – who walk Sepulveda Boulevard. These women don’t bother to dress up. They don’t sell illusions like the hookers in Hollywood.When she works the Valley, Heather gets by in jeans and a sweat shirt.

“Even a blind squirrel can get a nut,” Heather says, because men drive specifically down Sepulveda to pay for sex.