Valley of the redwoods

The Daily News checks in on the small groves of out-of-place coast redwood trees found at Canoga Park High School and on Cedros Avenue in Van Nuys.

Over the years, some of the trees between Burbank [Blvd.] and Oxnard [St.] have been chopped down. Some have grown unevenly for lack of water. And roots from the trees have cost neighbors thousands in plumbing bills.”It gives off a lot of debris in winter, which can be annoying,” Ellen Henderson, 42, said of the 5-foot wide redwood in her yard. “But if they cut (it) down, I’d be really really depressed.”

Some arborists, however, say that planting redwoods in Los Angeles is like putting an elephant on your patio – there’s just not enough room. Not enough water. And not enough humidity.

Although the species is the world’s tallest tree, the relatively young Valley speciments won’t ever reach great heights because of the conditions. The Canoga High trees, said to be looking “frowsy,” were planted in 1936.