UFO’s in Tujunga Canyon

Space aliens in Big Tujunga Canyon? Possibly, according
to two young women who reported a strange encounter.


They said they were sleeping in an isolated cabin on March 22, 1953,
when lights suddenly illuminated the canyon and surrounded their house. For a while, time seemed
to stand still. As they finally fled, one said later that she saw the filmy apparition
of a longhaired man.


Their account is contained in a 1989 book, The Tujunga Canyon Contacts, by Ann Druffel of the
UFO investigation group SkyNet, and D. Scott Rogo. The legends of the Valley
include many reports of strange doings around Tujunga Canyon. Other phenomena
reported in the canyon include soundless black helicopters, daylight flying
disks and sightings of misty gray figures called “light people” by
schoolchildren on camping trips.


Tujunga Canyon isn’t the only place where UFO believers claim to see alien
craft. UFO watchers were especially intrigued by claims in 1996 that a
huge burning ball descended from the sky near Rocketdyne’s rocket testing
lab in the Santa Susana Mountains. One monitor claimed to have driven to
the site only to be turned back by armed guards who confided that something
indeed had landed, then had departed. This of course would have occured in
view of about a million people, but believers don’t care about that.


Another book, UFOs over Topanga by Preston Dennett, reports sightings in Topanga Canyon during the 1990s.