This still around?

Anybody know if this Chatsworth rock formation survived time, construction of the Simi Valley Freeway, rocket testing at Rocketdyne (now Boeing) and development of the Iverson movie ranch into condos? The 1912 photographs (left and right) are in the Online Archive of California, from the papers of Owens Valley aqueduct builder Joseph Barlow Lippincott. They are identified only as “rock back of Chatsworth Pk,” from a time when the northwest Valley corner was known as Chatsworth Park. So it could mean almost anywhere in the Simi Hills. I don’t know the boulders in the Garden of the Gods well enough to know if this face is a well-known landmark. But I’ll bet the Chumash had a name for it, from either view. Today’s Indian Head seems to be a different rock.

While I was looking: Also found some info on the Bell Location Ranch, apparently the name of the westerns filming location atop Studio Road at the Santa Susana Pass end of Box Canyon. Episodes of the TV series “Bonanza” and “Zorro” were filmed there, along with many others.