Speaking of anniversaries

Cupid’s, the unofficial hot dog of The Valley Observed, is celebrating sixty years in the San Fernando Valley on Saturday, June 17. All hot dogs will cost sixty cents, instead of the still-reasonable two bucks, at the last remaining original Cupid’s stands in Canoga Park (opened 1962) and Northridge (1965.) The company now has a website up with the¬†official history. Excerpts:

The Original concept was derived from a friend who owned a stand called “Hugo’s Hot Dogs’ in Van Nuys, CA and was no longer able to participate in the business because of failing health. This store was located on Van Nuys Blvd. and still exist today under the name of “Happy Dogs”. (No relation to Cupid’s Hot Dogs)….On June 17, 1946 the first Cupid’s Hot Dogs was opened on Burbank and Lankershim in North Hollywood, CA (11365 Burbank Blvd)….The North Hollywood location remained open until the mid 1960’s, during which time Denny’s Corp. purchased the property and would not renew the lease.

In 1957, the Van Nuys store located at 14300 Victory Blvd., CA was opened to replace the North Hollywood location.

That Victory location was torn down about two years ago. It is depicted in this¬†Stan Cline painting. Photo of the Lindley Avenue Cupid’s in Northridge.