Secession Watch

Media Log and Comment on Valley Secession
From a Neutral Perspective

Thanks everyone!

Editing Secession Watch has been an interesting and enlightening ride. For an experiment in Web publishing, it gathered quite a following. Thanks to all the readers, politics junkies, journalists, candidates, professionals and fans of the Valley who visited, and to the many who e-mailed encouragement or caught errors.

To my surprise, traffic has kept growing since the election. There must be a lot of theses and term papers being written. However, no more entries will be added.

Archived pages of Secession Watch (see right) should remain on-line for at least a year. Be aware that the older the link, the less likely it is to work or that the story will be free to view. Already, redesign of the Daily News site and the closure of New Times Los Angeles has rendered some links inoperable. continues to be refreshed and expanded with new material on San Fernando Valley history and lore. Response to the site has been remarkable. It’s the only site like it on the Valley’s past, and I appreciate hearing from so many visitors who enjoy the topic.

In January, 2003, a revised edition of The San Fernando Valley: America’s Suburb will be published with a new section on secession. Keep checking News and Reviews for author appearances and other updates.

Finally, the Web site at is the place to stay informed on my future writing about the San Fernando Valley and other professional projects.

Thanks all, and stay in touch.

    — Kevin Roderick
November 14, 2002