Roscoe bakery update

Another mystery solved. Reader Daniel Saint James remembers some details about the bakery at Woodley and Roscoe that tantalized passing noses for so many decades.

I remember it, and the aroma, as a child and I recall that it was the Safeway Bakery. That of Safeway Grocery Stores. Then it was later the Keebler Cookie Bakery. Hope that helps. As a side note, I’ve lived in the Valley since 1967, when my parents brought me here from Northern California when I was 2 years old. I’ve lived in Mission Hills, Northridge, Granada Hills, Sepulveda, Reseda, Valley Village, Woodland Hills, and now Lake Balboa. I graduated from Porter Junior High and Kennedy High School.

Thanks Daniel. I’ve included your personal history in case someone recognizes you and wants to get in touch