Readers remember…

Some memories and some questions:

♦ “Just an update !! Kiddieland was located on Van Nuys Blvd. between The Moongate Chinese restaurant and the Panorama Bowling Alley.” — Thanks, Doug Stephenson

♦ “I am trying to find some old photos of a place that was located in Sun Valley. The name of the place was “CRAZY BURGERS” or just “CRAZYS.” This was a favorite hangout for teens back in the 60’s, located on Glenoaks Blvd. near Sunland Blvd. I will be attending a reunion of many of those kids that spent time there in July. It would be great if we “old folks” could see some pics of the old “hangout.” — Thanks, Brian Olsen.

♦ “I grew up in Northridge and remember the Zody’s at Reseda and Devonshire St. It was great! My mom would take me there shopping when I was rather young (about 1969). But, even better was Ferrell’s in the same shopping center. Loved when they rang the bell and siren when someone finished The Pig’s Trough or The Zoo! What a great site you have.” — Rosemary Hickman (Sgambati)

♦ “I was wondering if you knew anything about my grandfather, William Reader. He was a mural specialist whose
paintings graced the walls of many a Hollywood house…mainly known for murals depicting trees and birds with
sky backdrops….He lived at 17401 Hatteras Street in Encino, died in 1981 and emigrated from the U.K. in 1957.” — Gary Reader

♦ “I wonder if your readers have any information on a place called Everywoman’s Village, which used to offer classes on a variety of subjects; I remember that my brother took acting classes there in the early 1960s. The classes were held in old bungalows that probably were part of an old bungalow court. Any information your readers could provide on this subject would be appreciated.” — Thanks, Christopher DeNicholas
[Chris: An entry on Everywoman’s Village has been added to Gone But Not Forgotten]

♦ “We lived in Granada Hills from 1960 to 1988 and Sargents was one of our favorite places to eat. The chicken and dumplings were what drew us there. Our son and daughter, about 10 and 14, would request a serving of the dumpling soup rather than dessert. I do remember that the servers were all “mature” women–no young things chewing gum. Sorry I don’t have any pictures.” — Alice Gillham, Kimberling City MO

♦ “I lived near Roscoe and Laurel Canyon in the ’50s and could often smell the Jessup dairy herd at Branford and Laurel Canyon. There was also a small herd at the little drive through dairy by Lockheed across Vineland from Valley Garden Arena…In the ’50s, Coldwater Canyon dead-ended at Roscoe, and before John H. Francis Polytechnic High School or the 170 Hollywood freeway were built, the whole area from where Poly is now west on Roscoe to the flood control channel near Trousdale and north all the way almost to Wentworth or Branford was a wide open desert area we just called “the wash” (perhaps the old Tujunga Wash). My uncles caught what they said were unusual snakes and huge lizards in there. I remember seeing what I thought were iguanas but I was probably imagining things.” — Richard Pusateri