New York Times likes the Valley

Writing in the New York Times Travel section, author Marc Weingarten (of Studio City) spreads a little love on the new bars and restaurants along the Ventura Boulevard corridor. It’s New York so he has to fall back on the Valley girls and pornography canards, but the Valley boosters will be happy.

THE San Fernando Valley has always gotten a bad rap. For years, it has been associated with two dubious cultural phenomena: Valley Girls and pornography. But just as the city of Los Angeles has undergone a process of rediscovery in long-neglected regions like the downtown area, so this suburban outpost across the Santa Monica mountains has also experienced an image makeover.“A lot of people move from West Hollywood to the Valley when they have kids,” said Mark Frauenfelder, a Valley resident who co-founded the Web site “They still want to go out at night, but they want to stay closer to home, instead of driving over the hill and wasting a half hour of precious babysitter time.”

The velvet rope has come to the Valley in a big way, especially on Ventura Boulevard, around the Studio City-Sherman Oaks corridor, where bar-hopping on foot is possible….

He ends with a shout out to the venerable DuPar’s at Ventura and Laurel Canyon, in Weingarten’s home turf of Studio City. Frauenfelder ( lives in the quasi-rural Melody Acres section of Tarzana, or at least he did recently.