New in ‘Gone but not Forgotten’

The Hot Dog Show at Coldwater and Ventura, June Ellen Donuts, the Roger Jessup and Manfull dairies and Murmak Hardware have been added to the honor roll of Valley landmarks that are no longer around. The list at Gone but not Forgotten goes from Adams Airport to the Zulu Hut and even includes entire vanished places on the map such as Girard and Fernangeles.
In the Lang Oak entry, I’ve also added a link to William Campbell’s tribute in words and photos to the thousand-year-old Coast Live Oak that used to stand in the center of Louise Avenue, just south of Ventura Boulevard in Encino. He wrote the piece in 1992 for a Pierce College publication, and six years later he joined the somber throngs who looked on in dismay at the toppled giant:

As the sound of chainsaws filled the air, many people who came to the scene of destruction over the somber days that followed openly wept as if losing an old friend. Some made dashes under the yellow police tape to get a branch here, a twig there… something with which to remember the 1,000-year-old landmark that was now history.Heartsick, I myself took nothing more than a single, small leaf that I still have. It was enough.

I wrote in The San Fernando Valley: America’s Suburb:

An El Niño storm on February 7, 1998, felled the behemoth Quercus agrifolia, believed to be hundreds of years old. Admirers came all weekend to gawk at the limbs, while city crews sought equipment stout enough to penetrate the massive trunk. Some neighbors who had tended the giant through infections, car crashes and numerous storms carried souvenir branches as they left, wiping away tears. The Times headline the next day captured the sentiment: “If a Tree Falls in the Valley, We All Hear It.”