Marks Field

The Daily News’ Dennis McCarthy wrote a nice column about a little Valley baseball history. He recounts the story of a cow pasture on the 13000 block of Addison Street in Van Nuys that was turned into a field where neighborhood kids such as Don Drysdale played their first organized ball:

A “paradise for boys,” Valley Times sports columnist Claude Newman called it back in 1947, when he threw his support behind the fledgling eight-team Valley Junior Baseball League.

“No place in this part of the country will you find a league of this type — a circuit formed for boys between the ages of 10 and 14,” Newman wrote.

“The league must play its game on private property, Marks Field, because there are no other baseball diamonds available for such things.”

A little-known fact is that Valley towns had baseball rivalries going back to at least 1910. Adult teams traveled a league circuit between the towns. There’s an early picture of the San Fernando squad in the Photo Gallery.