Hot pink ’57 Chevy

Sure it was a long time ago, but I have to believe someone will remember Laurie, “Les Femme Fatales” in their red jackets and a hot pink 1957 Chevy with red interior cruising Van Nuys Boulevard.

My girlfriends and I use to “hang out” at the “Teen Center” in (1967) which was on Victory Boulevard. I think it was in-between White Oak and Balboa Blvd. The Army Reserve Base was located just down the street from there. Every weekend the Teen Center would hold dances with local bands. One of the bands who played there went on to become “famous” back in the 60’s as they were known as “The Seeds” with their top hit, “Pushing to Hard”!! The Teen Center even broadcast the teenage TV show called, “Where the Action Is” hosted by Sam Riddle (I think). My girlfriends and I had our own girls club at the Teen Center and that is where we met every week. We were called the “Les Femme Fatales” and we had our red nylon jackets with pink embroidery. Our mascot car was our girlfriend’s 1957 Hot Pink Chevy with red interior. We went crusin’ Van Nuys Blvd. every week-end and Wednesday night in her Chevy. We were cool and the Van Nuys Cops left us alone because her Dad was the Nightwatch Commander of the Van Nuys Division of the L.A.P.D. They all new her Chevy on the boulevard as who could miss a 1957 hot pink Chevy? (lol) Now how cool was that? (lol)…We use to drive up “Laurel Canyon” to check out “Houdini’s” house. Of course you couldn’t get onto the property, but we would hang outside in front of the property just to share ghostly stories and try to scare each other at night. (lol) Do any of your readers happen to remember the naked “Pink Lady” that was painted on the tunnel of [Malibu Canyon] back in the late 1960’s? That caused quite a media story then and the Pink Lady remand on the canyon quite sometime before she got painted over… [Actually, click here for more on the Pink Lady — ed.]

I haven’t returned to the “San Fernando Valley” in many, many years and even though change is suppose to represent progress, in my mind and heart, there will never be another era as the San Fernando “Valley” era when I was growing up from the early 1950’s until the mid 1970’s. Thank you for allowing me to share some of
my most beloved memories with you.

Laurie Davis
Branson West, Mo

Her email also mentions attending junior high in Canoga Park with the son of actor and ex-Dodger Chuck Connors.