Crash-ing the Valley

It won’t do anything good tor the Valley’s image, but Crash is the first Oscar winner for best picture to be set mostly in (and about) the San Fernando Valley. Ventura Boulevard, Ventura Court and Hoffman Street all get serious screen time, and there are references (mostly unflattering) to Studio City, Toluca Lake and Burbank—as well as the Valley itself.

Newly added to the roll of locally memorable movie quotes:

♦ “Nobody jacks a car and takes it to Studio City”—one LAPD cop to another, on why they probably didn’t just see a carjacked SUV go by.

♦ “They were going to shoot us on Ventura Boulevard?” —incredulous wife to husband who didn’t defend her from being molested by a racist cop.

♦ “Maybe just being a black man in the Valley was enough to get him killed”—LAPD homicide detective.

♦ “This ain’t exactly pick-up-a-brother territory”—black hitchhiker who gets a ride out of the Valley from a white off-duty cop.

Upcoming: In The World’s Fastest Indian, starring Anthony Hopkins, actor Paul Rodriguez plays a San Fernando Valley used-car salesman.

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