Checking on the Tower of Pallets

Joe Dungan at the website The Simon drove out to Magnolia Boulevard to see if Sherman Oaks’ most unusual city historic-cultural monument—make that the Valley’s most unusual landmark—still stands. He found that the 22-foot tower of wooden pallets built by Daniel Van Meter starting in 1951 is still there, but barely. An official photographer was there recording the tower for posterity in preparation for its possible tearing down to make way for an apartment development. Dungan has the background on how the pile of discarded pallets from the old Schlitz brewery on Woodman Avenue came to be landmarked.

The Los Angeles Times ran a front-page story last year on the decaying tower and how Van Meter’s family wants to get rid of it. My view then: Junk it.

15357 Magnolia Boulevard, Sherman Oaks