Calabasas observed

Author and television writer Lee Goldberg describes the wealthy community in the southwest Valley [uh, not the northwest Lee] on his blog in the course of applauding the city’s recent ban on most public smoking.

I live in the small, Southern California town of Calabasas, on the northwestern edge of the San Fernando Valley. There are a dozen gated McMansion communities here, horse trails, and an upscale shopping center with a clock-tower that is home to the world’s largest Rolex. This is a town where the only car wash is called an auto salon and serves customers Espressos. But this week our little town made news worldwide for having the most restrictive anti-smoking law in the United States. This week, it became illegal for smokers to smoke indoors or outdoors in any public areas of the city, including parks, sidewalks and out-door businesses. There are people screaming about how restrictive, unfair, and anti-American this is but I have to say I don’t care. I’m thrilled.

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