Bloggy ink

Nice mention of America’s and the ValleyBlog in the April 11-24 (2005) issue of the San Fernando Valley Business Journal. Reporter Jeff Weiss writes, “When it was reported that there were bloggers in Baghdad, you knew it was only a matter of time before they came to the Valley.” The SFVBJ site requires registration for some stories and subscription for others, but here’s an excerpt.

Kevin Roderick, born and raised in Northridge is the founder and blogger for influential Los Angeles political blog, L.A. Observed. In 2001, after finishing a book on the Valley called “America’s Suburb,” Roderick started to supplement the text.”I had a lot of material from my research that lent itself to being put on the web, or that didn’t make it into the book and needed a home. It also has proven to be a good way for readers of the book to pursue the subject further, or to get in contact with me (as dozens have.) Of course, it also probably encouraged some people to buy the book,” Roderick said.

But as blogging became more of a household term and L.A. Observed began to garner attention for its trenchant takes on local politics and media, Roderick decided to revamp his Valley site. Late last year, he redesigned the site, added some new features and made the front page a blog.

“My intention is to make it more of a blog once I have the time to convert it to the right software. I use Movable Type for L.A. Observed and would probably go with that,” Roderick said. “As a blog it will be easier for me to post fresh items, let readers make comments themselves and keep track of older items. My intent is also to keep it centered on the historic and cultural part of the Valley, not turn it into a news blog, but you never know.”

Currently, Roderick runs an ad for’s affiliates program and the journalist is in the process of searching for more.

“I am looking for more advertising support for the site. I use the Amazon Associates program because it was already set up, and it’s about books. But it has a low return. I would like to see America’s Suburb supported by Valley organizations, Realtors, businesses, anyone who wants to reach a nice audience that is proven to be highly interested in anything ‘Valley.’ I have not yet pursued that market,” Roderick said.