About Us

We are a dumpster rental company that operates in San Fernando Valley. We have been in this business for a couple of years, and in that time we expanded to meet requirements of the market. We already have an article that explained our arrival in San Fernando so that we won’t repeat it. We can only say that the beginnings were hard, but they also helped people who were in need of dumpster renting.

Our business covers both small and large-scale dumpster renting and thus we offer an excellent deal for both individuals and companies. Small-scale renting includes the dumpsters that people rent for projects people perform on building or land. These are large containers that can hold a significant amount of material and we usually rent them on a weekly basis (up to twenty-eight days). The initial fee that we give you doesn’t include additional trips to the landfill. We will inform you about the possibility of additional payment when you ask for dumpster rental. Don’t worry, we don’t have any hidden fees, everything is included in the contract that you sign.

Our offer for open containers ranges from small 10-15 cubic yard containers, which are perfect for small constructions and landscaping, up to large 40 cubic yard containers that can hold up to 20 pickup truck loads. These large dumpsters are ideal for large-scale building works or some form of massive cleaning projects.

Commercial dumpsters also come in a range of sizes, and they also have a lid that prevents animals from entering. The smallest commercial dumpster is three cubic yards, and it’s excellent for small and medium businesses. It’s small, and thus it can fit in tight places. Large containers hold eight cubic yards of waste, and they are the perfect choice for restaurants and shopping malls.